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Among those were:. Many other city-pairs are also available. Scroll down for full fine print. Pacific Daylight Time. Continental U. Interisland Hawaii travel valid September 3 through November 2, International travel valid August 20 through December 11, Except as otherwise specified, continental U. Travel to Ft. Travel from Ft. International travel is valid Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Fares valid on nonstop service where indicated; if not indicated, fares are valid on single connecting service. Displayed prices include all U. Fares not available continental U. Seats and days are limited. Travel is available for oneway Wanna Get Away fares. Fares may be combined with other Southwest Airlines combinable fares. Failure to cancel prior to departure will result in forfeiture of remaining funds on the reservation. Any change in itinerary may result in an increase in fare.

Fares are subject to change until ticketed. Hot hot. Hot hot new controversial top rising. Stickied post. As of December 11, , Senior fares are no longer available for purchase at Southwest. Southwest News. What happens if you get off at a connecting flight and don't get back on? So this is a bit complicated and I apologize about that! Traveling with my dog - told I couldn't WTH? What gives southwest???? Always dreamed of working for Southwest Airlines.

Can I take a Lightsaber from Disney World as a carry-on? Thank you! Hiring process not reliable. I need some help, Reddit. How does one acquire a pre-boarding pass? Do I need a doctors note? Show them my meds? Southwest Policy. Ok so basically my only hope of earning a companion pass through and not have to start from scratch points wise in would be to reach my , point threshold after my last billing cycle posts in but before Jan 1, Hi Ben, Not exactly.

You basically always have to start from scratch as far as points go. You need to earn the entire K points in one calendar year to earn the Companion Pass. So, to earn the pass through Dec , you would need to have K points post to your account in Sorry last response on this thread I just want to make sure I understand. The initial post mentioned that if you make sure that you reach points in the very beginning of January then you would be able to have the companion pass last not just till the end of but for all of , but it sounds like from your response you would need to earn , points before the end of to renew the companion pass for and then accrue another , points in January to have the pass renew for But if you earned all those points in early , you would have the pass through It really just comes down to the fact that the earlier in the year you hit that K points mark, the longer you will be able to use the CP.

Hope that makes sense! I have a question about this. My wife and I share a Rapid Rewards account with each of our cards, but only my name is on the Southwest account.

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Would we each get a companion pass to take our 2 kids, so half your flights are free like you say, or would it just be one companion pass for me, with only 1 free flight for the 4 of us? We can only get to K by sharing the account.

Southwest Airlines offers 2-day sale to California, starting at $59 one way

To get 2 Companion Passes you and your wife would both need to hit the K points in separate accounts. You can only earn 1 Companion Pass per account. So, if the Southwest account is yours only you could earn a Companion Pass. Thanks in advance! Hi Rob, I have earned the Companion Pass twice now and both times the pass showed up in my online account within a week of earning the points click on My Account in the upper right hand corner and you will be able to see the Companion Pass tracker.

As soon as you see it in your online account you can use it — there is no need to wait for the physical card to show up in the mail. Enjoy your Companion Pass! Right now, we have a working college child in Dallas area and would like to find way s for us to earn points for him to come home to Houston. Working and school leaves him too tired to drive 4.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Chase Ultimate Rewards quick check shows 19, pts required on Delta one-way Dallas-Houston and takes hrs.

International Southwest Sale Starting at $69 One-Way to the Caribbean & Mexico

Is this correct? Hello David. I am not an expert on Southwest but I do have a suggestion. Delta is not the best airline to use for flights between Dallas and Houston because it would be a connecting flight. A direct flight would make more sense. I just tried a bunch of sample dates on google. You could use Chase Ultimate Rewards to book these flights. To book with Southwest points I found flights for points each way.

Someone who is more familiar with that market might have more suggestions but I did want to mention these options. If you gift your points to another cardholder, does it count toward the point requirement of the other cardholder? Hi Christine and thanks for your question.

Unfortunately transferred points do not count. I purchased 2 southwest flights via my travel agent for my wedding last November. Hi LaShonda. Yes, if you have gotten the Companion Pass you can adjust any upcoming flights. I would suggest calling to have them manually add the companion to an existing flight. I have done this with no problem. Also, could you clarify…if I were to earn a CP in January , what is it that I am not able to do for 24 months…apply for the SW cards?

Or actually earn another CP? The only benefit to waiting until early to earn the CP is that you would be able to have it for longer almost 2 full years vs 1. Do you have trips planned later this year that you would use the CP on? I would suggest looking at your travel schedule to decide whether to go for it now or to wait till The 24 months I mentioned relates to the credit card welcome bonus. I now have a new companion and I have booked a trip with that new companion and the ticket for my old companion has not been cancelled. I guess southwest is now allowing you to keep future reservations of the previous companion.

Hi Angel, If you switch your companion, all reservations you had with the old companion will be automatically cancelled. So there is no way to double up on companions. My child is my companion. He has not received his CP package yet, and we are flying soon. Does he need the pass itself to show southwest to board the plane? The reservations are fine, reflecting him as companion. Hi Charles. Chances are he will not need it at all. Have a great trip. Both my spouse and I have companion passes.

Here's where you can go for $49, $79, $99, $129 one way on Southwest

How should we go about booking flights? Or would it be best if we booked each of our tickets under our individual accounts, and then add our companions? Thanks for any help! Hello, I am close to completing my companion pass for this year My question is can I change my companion 4 times in and then in will I also be able to change my companion 4 more times or do I only get to change it 4 times for the 18 months I will have the pass?

You may change your companion 3 times per calendar year. Since the majority of my Southwest points as well as Chase UR points were accrued in , will that deter me from getting the Companion Pass in ? In other words, if I wanted to get another Companion Pass in Jan , does Southwest consider points accrued during invalid towards the pass?

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Southwest does consider point earned in towards a companion pass in Traditionally, you need to earn , qualifying Southwest points in the calendar year, or fly qualifying one-way flights, to earn the companion pass for the rest of the year, as well as the following year. Qualifying points towards the Companion Pass do not include: purchased points, points transferred from other members, points converted from hotel and car loyalty programs, e-rewards, e-miles, Valued Opinions, Diners Club, points earned from program enrollment, tier bonus points, flight bonus points and partner bonus points.

I have earned a companion pass for this year. However, all of our airplane travel has been bought as of now. Is it transferable to next year and how? Did you earn the companion pass by earning , Southwest points in this calendar year? If so then you will have the companion pass for the rest of and all of If not, I would contact Southwest directly and see if they can manually do it on their end. If you earn , qualifying Southwest miles this year, your companion pass will be extended for all of as well. So am I getting this right?

You need to earn , points. If I had a business, Could I get another 60, bonus? It is impossible for me to spend that much money. That would certainly help you get the , points needed. If you cannot meet the point requirements through spend on your credit card, another option is to fly flight segments in a single calendar year to qualify for the Companion Pass. I have my husband as my companion on our personal account and he added our daughter as his companion on his business account.

It allows me to add a flight for my daughter on my husbands companion ticket, but will it cancel it later because of the following? Yes, that is correct. If your husband is flying on a companion ticket, he cannot bring his companion your daughter as well. Southwest will only allow for one companion per paid ticket. Should I now cancel my Southwest Premier card so that in 24 months I can apply for the Southwest Prority card and earn bonus points again? That is correct that you would need to cancel one card and wait 24 months to apply for another. However, how long have you currently had your Southwest Premier card open?

If you have not had the card open for at least one year I would not recommend canceling it. Banks do not look favorably on customers who open a card, receive the bonus, and immediately cancel. In fact, they could take your points back for doing so. Just so I am straight on this, if I apply for a SW business card in October of I only have until December of to earn the other point required to earn the companion pass.

All points earned toward the pass reset at the end of every year. So it is better to apply in January of and get to the threshold quickly to get the remaining of and all of I guess my real question here is that points earned always reset Dec. You want to apply early in the year so you can qualify for an enjoy the companion pass for a longer period of time. Thanks for reading. Can two different people have their points directed to a single SW Loyalty Account?

I understand one person can sign up for both a business c. To execute the presented strategy for I would have to cancel my personal card sometime soon. I should get the Companion Card at the end of Q1 maybe sooner depending on the Bonus offers in December of and have companion card through Dec. If I have any of the above wrong please let me know because I am going to need to cancel my card soon and time my spends. Thanks in advance for your answer! Thanks for the kind words.

Yes, your strategy will work to earn the companion pass. Additionally, I would recommend you apply for a different version of the personal card than the one you hold now just to be on the safe side. Yes, if you earn your Companion Pass in January it will be valid through December Is it really true that points earned in December that would post on a January statement might be credited early, in December? I want to apply for a CP card now. We warn about earning points in December because it can be a little tricky and messing up by a day or 2 could be the difference between having a Companion Pass and not having one.

To earn the CP for all , points need to post January or later. Can I apply for a different personal SW card and get bonus points, or do I have to cancel all personal cards that earned SW bonus points before applying for a new personal card?


Can I apply in Nov. Does this rule also hold true for business cards? Thank you for all of your help!

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You are a current Southwest consumer credit cardholder; or You have earned a new cardmember bonus on a Southwest consumer credit card in the last 24 months. The rule does not apply to business cards, so you could get a SW business card without cancelling your current SW card. Currently, my wife is set as my companion. Would like to change it to my son. I have a companion seat reserved on a flight, but that flight is now sold out. Hi Jeff, In your case I would suggest calling Southwest to do this over the phone. You can reach them at: I hope it works out! I saw that my companion pass is good this year and the next year?

Is this true? Please help! If this is your situation, you can book your trip as 2 one ways. Then you can use the Companion Pass on the first part of the trip that occurs in In that case you would absolutely be able to book a trip that ended on Jan 4, Generally, business credit cards are better to apply for first as the new account should not report to your credit report. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Southwest Companion Pass, 2-For-1 Flights in the US and Caribbean – Wise Flys

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Skip to content. Advertiser Disclosure. The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass is one of the best deals available in the travel world. Was this page helpful? What was helpful about this page? What did you not like about this page? Your feedback has been sent. About Jeff Brownson Since discovering miles and points in , Jeff has traveled to over 35 countries, flying in first class, business class, and sometimes even in coach.

Read More Jeff Brownson's Twitter. Apply Now Advertiser Disclosure. Read more. Hi Marilee I would call Southwest to confirm but you should be able to simply remove the existing companion on the ticket and replace that companion with a new companion. Hi Shane Nope!