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  5. What even is Black Friday?!

Ga hier naar alle winkels en deals. Ben je helemaal klaar om tijdens de feestdagen te genieten van de allernieuwste games op de Xbox One? Tijdens Black Friday is deze snelle en nieuwe spelcomputer in de aanbieding.

Xbox One Controller Deals & Offers

Ben je al op de hoogte van Black Friday? Het zal je vast niet ontgaan zijn de afgelopen tijd. Black Friday wordt altijd gevierd op de vierde vrijdag in november, vanwege het feit dat dit de dag na Thanksgiving is. Deze van oorsprong Amerikaanse kortingsdag is overgewaaid naar Europa en wordt steeds populairder.

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  • Behalve de grote spelers doen ook steeds meer lokale winkels mee aan Black Friday. See it at Walmart.

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    It has succeeded, and this is likely the biggest and best that the franchise has ever been. With action-packed combat and seamless integration with multiplayer, this action adventure will keep you on edge. SoulCalibur VI distinguishes itself from the rest of the fighting game genre with a grand tale of knights and ninjas, axe-wielding goliaths and pirate warriors, all struggling over mythical weapons of good and evil. It's easy to pick up and play, but learning its numerous heroes' fighting techniques is what will keep you coming back for more. In Far Cry 5 you'll engage in different styles of offensive first person shooter conflict; attempt to tame the wild, natural environment to your advantage; and slowly build a guerrilla resistance in the background.

    F1 returns to the starting grid with a huge number of different game modes.

    Xbox One Black Friday 12222 Deals | Best Xbox One Sale & Offers

    Take control of your favorite driver in a single Grand Prix weekend, or lead them to the title in one of numerous championship events across varying disciplines. If racing against other players is more your thing, F1 includes both ranked and unranked multiplayer lobbies. Rocket League is a multiplayer game that's in a genre all its own.

    It's basically soccer, but the ball is huge and you "kick" the ball with your insanely fast car. It's played in an enclosed arena with matches of three-on-three down to one-on-one with gravity defying plays that are ultimately extremely satisfying when you slam it through the goal. There are plenty of violent first-person shooters around in which issues of morality can be raised, but few are paired with the stunning Hollywood production values of GTA V. In the game, the city of Los Santos and its surrounding regions offer a vast open world where you'll follow an incredible story line with top-notch voice acting and best-in-genre gameplay.

    In this installment, its most notable additions appear outside of the ring -- developers Yukes and Visual Concepts introduce a deluge of new content and game modes to satiate an aspect of the series that has been sorely lacking in recent years. If you like pro wrestling, this is your game. Excellent multiplayer modes as well as an epic single-player or cooperative campaign await.

    Xbox One X & Xbox One S Black Friday Deals

    Gaming controllers don't last forever and eventually you'll need a replacement. Few modern first-person shooters can match the heart-pounding exhilaration and immense strategic depth Rainbow Six: Siege achieves with its asymmetrical PvP. With no respawns, no regenerating health, and only five players per team, every life suddenly feels meaningful and precious. We will keep updating our Black Friday galleries like these as more deals arrive.

    Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle: $200

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