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After dropping by a couple bike shops and taking a few test rides I realized I'd really like the following combo. Non disk breaks - Easier maintenance. I will only be riding in dry weather and mostly off busy streets.

I read that even Shimano Claris is better than old Shimano 's, however I have a Surly LHT but it won't go fast enough for me and maybe a little dorky to go fast on. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Hot hot.

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Overwhelmed by choices! What should I even be looking for? Gravel advice. Looking for a hybrid bike. Thank you.

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Edit: simplified description. Best aluminum road bike with aluminum fork. Looking for Shimano Claris and up. Community Details.

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Ehh I don't think it's a great deal, but not completely unheard of price depending on the area. That generation of was actually better then the one after it in terms of performance. So I'm sure it would one a solid bike, but it seems a little high. Is there a price that seems more reasonable to you? GT hasn't ever really made stellar frames and based on the looks it's probably from the mid to late s.

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Carbon technology has come so far since then, and I think you'd be better off with a slightly newer alloy frame with similar components. They both ride a bit on the firm side so you'd want to drop the tire pressure a bit, but they're fantastic bikes and were quite common, so hopefully prices aren't too bad.

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I bought one this year to get into cycling and it has been great. A brand new bike is a much better choice. Do you know how to do all the maintained on a road bike? A new bike is smooth, silent, and the store you by it from will usually give some free maintenance and tuning. TL;DR Buy an entry level, new bike so you can afford the accessories. Way too much. You can get a pure aluminum bike from at least for bucks.

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Look at new bikes I'll bet you'd be surprised with what you can find. I would absolutely not buy a 10 year old anything for the same price. Technology has improved every year for not only frames but also all the gear sets. If I can go out and buy a brand new bike that is better for the same price, or even less, why would a used bike that is old and inferior be the same value? Just get a new bike on clearance, most people selling used way over estimate the value of their bike.

This is my advice as well.

I paid about a grand for a Synapse on clearance a couple years ago. You can add a little more and get a nashbar carbon Is this bike the correct frame size for you? Brand new bike that was old stock. I would try to talk him down.