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It is also a good idea not to exercise straight after having anti wrinkle injections. The reason for this is to prevent the neuromodulator from migrating downward and causing ptosis. Anti wrinkle injections will begin to wear off after four to six months. You will begin to notice that wrinkles are reappearing. They may not be as deep or as noticeable as what they once were.

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By having repeat treatments you will notice the effects seem to last longer, meaning fewer injections. Advanced Cosmetic Medicine Facebook Reviews. Dermal Fillers. Cosmetic Injectables. Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. North Adelaide. Ph: Monday Closed Tuesday 1.

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A clear, glowing, even complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin—and a chemical peel is the treatment that will get you there quickly! The thought of a Chemical Peel made me feel both nervous and curious. Many of us have had at least a dalliance with acne. We are told that getting acne is a rite of passage, part and parcel of puberty, at the end of which is adulthood. Severe acne […]. In the Fall of , my jaw was half-locked and dislocated for some unknown reason. To make the story short, the physician referred me to a TMJ physiotherapist and my dentist recommended a night guard.

The treatment was working but sadly, the TMJ disorder comes back every now and then since its first occurrence. Acne is a skin condition most associated with teenagers and puberty, yet these days, this problem is plaguing an ever-increasing number of preteens and people who have reached adulthood. The most common treatments for acne include topical creams and gels, antibiotics, birth control pills and, in more severe cases, isotretinoin which used to be known […]. So when the latest version of the treatment hit Adelaide, I […].

Anti Wrinkle Injections Adelaide. Learn More. Call Now. Please make phone bookings during opening hours. Pre-Treatment Process Prior to the treatment, Dr Targett will provide you with a consultation during which she will listen to what you wish to achieve and determine what desired look you are seeking. During Treatment During the treatment, you will be seated on a cosmetic bed in a slightly reclined position for easy access by the doctor.

Post-treatment process After the treatment, you may notice tiny bumps at the injection sites. Post treatment care includes ; Probably the most important recommendation after having anti wrinkle injections is to NOT rub the area for a few hours following the procedure. Avoid alcohol consumption Do not apply pressure to the treated area Do not massage the treated area or wear glasses or hats Refrain from strenuous exercise. The results should last from four to six months. Again, this varies from person to person. Possible side effects include; Bruising , pain , swelling at the site of the injection.

Usually clears after seven days.

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Headaches sometimes occur after the injections. They usually last less than 24hours and can be treated with paracetamol. Twitching and numbness in the treated area. Usually, last only a few days.

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Eyebrow drooping or double vision. It is temporary, lasting a few weeks only. Very rare. Infection at the site of the injection. Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatments. Click below to learn more.

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Opening Times. Recent Blogs. Discover The Wonders Of Modern Chemical Peels A clear, glowing, even complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin—and a chemical peel is the treatment that will get you there quickly! Contents 1 Anti Wrinkle Injections Adelaide 1.

Dermal fillers are a restylane gel that is injected into the skin to add volume to lips, cheeks, lift up wrinkles, smile lines or reduce scars and blemishes. Hyperhidrosis is the common disorder of excessive sweating. Call Refine Clinic now to set up a consultation with our doctor and save with our cosmetic coupons and vouchers. Must book in advance. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies, see cookies policy X. Browse by Category. Prospect Cosmetic reserve the right to amend these conditions. Prospect Cosmetic reserves the right to decline and refuse any voucher that is deemed invalid according to our procedures.

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