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As a former banker in auto financing for over 40 years, this was a very frustrating time until I contacted Mr. The auto business sure has changed since I left, no respect and unprofessional until I spoke with Mr. Salazar, he brought back the proffessionalism and custmer service I was acustomed to. He went above and beyond what I was entitled to. My thanks to Mr. Salazar and Montebello Chevrolet. Manuel Vasquez Jr. Consumer Review.

Awesome handling car! Very fun car to drive and lots of power on tap. See all 19 photos. Vroom Online Dealer -. Check Availability. Home Delivery.

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Fastest car I have ever owned. It is a beast.

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I live the HP engine and the dual exhaust. The multiple driving modes is fun too. I love it! See all 17 photos. Great Muscle Car that's Affordable. Great styling and performance and an affordable price tag. I love these cars.

I prefer the s and prior with the round headlight halos because they look more like the older Camaros. One of the best cars I have own. Love this car. Great handling and performance. Even the V6 version of the Camaro is pretty fast. I am happy with my choice. I traded my Cadillac ats for the Camaro no regrets.

See all 23 photos. Nice car. See all 18 photos. Have had it for less than a week Love the aggressive look and the way it handles. I have wanted one of these for quite a while. Was in a Honda ex-t civic coupe. I miss some of the creature comforts of the civic. But, the Camero is so much more fun to drive. The backseat is small, but I am only hauling myself around.

Can't wait to take it on a road trip!! Car gets used too you. I love this car. Always been a camaro fanatic, but this year has been the best year. You can put your foot down and the car will adjust to how you drive. See all 20 photos. Excellent design, questionable performance. Beautiful car with a serious case of underwhelming. The 2. You have to literally beat the car to make it really move. And when you do, it just underperforms. There is much to love about the 2.

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Excellent purchase. This car is simply amazing. I love the interior and exterior, it really exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Camaro best car out there. This is a very sharp car has very well performance I am very impressed with Chevrolet is done with the Camaro definitely go buy one. Took check and bought the 17 ZL1 and haven't had a problem, not 1. Crazy fast, the only thing I can complain about was the sound system.

I had wanted a challenger since when my neighbor bought the 4 speed and that was it. The release of the Challenger concept in 07 or 08 was it for me. Finally got one and they wouldn't fix it, still it took 2 years and 22 service calls for me to dump it. The ZL1 has grown on me, it crazy fast, killer looks and stance with the 's in the back and s in front.

It weighs lbs less and you can feel how much nimbler it is on the track. The 10sp auto is fantastic, just put it in track mode, it always finds the right gear as well as track mode in the ZL1 PTM and let 'er rip. It's safe to say I'm very happy I went for it over the '17 hellcat, it's a good feeling starting the car and theres no lights flashing, which I'm happy to say does NOT happen in the ZL1. Thanks for reading this review of my '17 ZL1 Camaro, hope it helps someone out there.

The most powerful car I've ever owned. Most powerful car ever made, ZL1 Camaro. I can't wait to drive it after work. It is the best car I've ever owned. Best sport car. People need test drive a Chevrolet Camaro. Best car I have ever owned. I love this vehicle and I got a great deal! Outward visibility and interior space are drawbacks, but they are offset by retro cool looks. We give the Camaro an overall rating of 5. Read more about how we rate cars. For , Chevrolet adds a new V-8 value model called the LT1.

The LS and LT models feature a hp 2. A 6-speed manual transmission is standard for the turbo-4 and an 8-speed automatic is available; other models offer a speed automatic, which is new this year for the V Buyers have a choice of coupe and convertible body styles.

The model year also sees design changes that fix what had been a busted nose. A new body-color bar in the front fascia breaks up what had been a controversial all-black grille. The steering is especially satisfying, weight balance is exemplary for predictable cornering, and the available Magnetic Ride Control dampers improve both handling and ride quality. While the turbo-4 and V-6 deliver peppy power with mph times in the 5. The base 6.

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That 1LE package is offered on all models to make a great handling car even better. Inside, the Camaro offers supportive Recaro bucket seats in most models, but suffers from poor outward visibility, a tiny rear seat, and a small trunk. Safety features are another issue. While the Camaro has put up decent crash-test scores, it lacks automatic emergency braking, which is a no-no in our book. It still has a high belt line, a low-slung roof that reads as a chopped top, and the overall look of a full-size Hot Wheels car.

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That form interferes with function as outward visibility is poor and cargo and rear passenger space are compromised. From a pure design standpoint, however, we award the Camaro two points for its sinister exterior, resulting in a styling score of 7. A styling revision for proved controversial, so Chevrolet updated the looks once again for The car features a new front fascia that adds a body-color bar between the upper and lower grilles.

It eliminates the larger mass of mesh on the model and looks more cohesive. The Chevy bowtie badge also moves to the upper grille. The Coke-bottle shape is there, too, as the sides taper inward and the rear haunches expand outward. The trunks sits high and ends abruptly. Overall, the look is more sinister than beautiful. Inside, the Camaro is more plain, but with some exciting flourishes. Sporty signs include the available Recaro seats with their thick bolsters and the available flat-bottom steering wheel.

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We prefer the optional two-tone seats to break up the monotony of an otherwise all-black interior. Despite its retro-cool looks, performance is the strength of the Camaro. It has graduated from the pony car ranks to become a true sports car. Those factors add four points from our base 5 score to earn the Camaro a 9 for performance. The two combine to provide plenty of road feel with excellent control. The quick steering has satisfying heft, and the car follows its commands beautifully thanks to the stiff structure. The rear suspension is also well sorted, keeping the rear end planted and offering a fairly compliant ride.

Both ride and handling improve further with the available Magnetic Ride Control dampers that can firm up quickly for handling or relax for cruising. Still, with the available inch wheels, the ride can jiggle over broken pavement. Chevrolet offers more performance equipment as buyers climb the ladder with the 1LE package and the SS and ZL1 models. These include the cooling and brakes to create track-ready street cars. The Camaro starts with what would be a potent engine in a family sedan and only adds more power from there, though prices rise with horsepower.

The starting point is a 2. That time may be optimistic, but the turbo-4 Camaro is fairly quick. Moving up a notch brings a 3. Chevy says mph takes 5. Buyers who choose the SS or new LT1 models get a 6. It slays the mph run in a quick 4. The turbo-4 is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic.

For , the V-6 gets the speed automatic that thus far had been reserved for the V-8s. The 6-speed manual adds rev-matched downshifts starting with the SS, and offers short, direct throws in any model. In the Chevrolet Camaro, a comfortable front row with great seats is offset by a horribly small rear seat and little trunk capacity. That earns the Camaro a 3 for comfort and quality.

The Chevy Camaro prioritizes the driver and pays little attention to rear passengers. Front-seat occupants have good leg room. The low seating position provides more head room, too, given the low roofline, but taller drivers will crick their necks when wearing helmets. The base seats have budget-grade upholstery, but the available Recaro sport buckets are supportive, as well as heated and cooled.

Want to torture someone? Stick them in the back where they will beg for more leg room. The rear seat is a good spot for extra storage, which is needed since the shallow trunk has just 9. Interior materials are just acceptable. It shuts out noise well when up and can be operated from outside the car via the remote. Though it has decent crash-test scores, the Chevrolet Camaro lacks a key safety feature: automatic emergency braking.